Workplace Bullying Investigation Procedure

State-Wide Investigations provides a range of services to help your company scrutinise allegations of workplace bullying, harassment at work or other inappropriate behaviour. Our comprehensive workplace bullying investigation procedure ensures full consideration of all complaints and accusations.

Just like you, we understand that bullying in the workplace has significant consequences for the organisation’s workplace internal culture and external reputation. Consequently, we strive to deliver findings that provide insight into underlying sources of the issue to help you find long-term solutions.

Our approach to workplace bullying investigations begin with clearly identifying the allegations and fully understanding your requirements for the investigation. We then conduct a thorough review of all employment, industrial and legislative obligations relevant to the allegations. Finally, we provide a detailed report to our clients on the level of proof obtained of alleged behaviours, providing them with a sound foundation for further action.

If you believe certain workplace matters cannot be internally addressed in an objective manner, or if the investigation involves senior employees, your organisation should consider using State-Wide Investigations for independent workplace investigations.

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Workplace Bullying Investigation Procedure Case Studies