Surveillance Investigation

We conduct professional, legal surveillance investigations to help our clients gather critical evidence about an individual or individuals to help them gain peace of mind or to present in court.

Surveillance is extremely useful in acquiring information about a person for personal or business purposes. Our surveillance private investigators provide video and photographic evidence that can be used for cases relating to employment, cheating spouses and debt collection.

Using advanced surveillance technologies, we can help ease your worries about your child’s whereabouts, or examine evidence for suspicions of infidelity. All of our surveillance operations are carried out by experienced investigators who are well-versed in the legalities of surveillance activities and Australian privacy law. We approach all matters professionally and with sensitivity to your concerns, taking all measures to ensure the best outcome for your objectives.

State-Wide Investigations provides all clients with a comprehensive report including all photo and video evidence that can be used to support their case, should they choose to take the matters to court. If you are concerned about suspicious activity from partners, friends or neighbours, contact us today to get the evidence you need.

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Surveillance Investigation Case Studies