Insurance Investigator

Our insurance investigators are skilled in sorting facts from fiction in a suspicious claim, whether it is related to a car crash, health insurance or worker compensation. While insurance policies are designed to protect individuals and companies against loss and damages, these policies are vulnerable to criminal activity designed for financial gain.

Insurance companies need to prevent fraud to safeguard their company and provide high quality services to their other clients. Insurance fraud can range from policy breaches such as claiming charges for unnecessary medical services to serious offences such as staging road accidents to claim the other driver’s insurance. As most situations are reported post-incident, it can be extremely difficult for insurers to validate claims or prove they are fraudulent.

Employing experienced insurance investigators can help your business gather much-needed information to confirm or disprove a claim. Our team is experienced in the explicit procedures required to gather documents, conduct interviews, examine and document accident and crime scences.

We approach all claims objectively and do the utmost to maintain a healthy relationship between your company and your policyholders. Our investigators follow strict guidelines to ask the necessary questions without being invasive.

Spending some money to hire an insurance investigator may prove to be a bargain when faced with the possibility of losing a lot more to fraud. If you are suspicious of possible fraud in a claim, contact our insurance investigators in Melbourne to produce a report that will settle any disputes or unease.

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