Corporate Investigation Services

State-Wide Investigations provides a range of services to help your company scrutinise allegations of workplace bullying, harassment and other inappropriate behaviour. Our comprehensive workplace bullying investigation procedure ensures a thorough investigation of all complaints and accusations.

Our experienced team are adept at handling legal and business investigation services. Corporate investigation can involve factors outside your organisation, such as improper activities by competitors, or may relate to concerns with your own employees.

State-Wide Investigations works diligently to gather evidence and intelligence on the issues that concern you. We aim to provide informed advice that yields the best outcomes to you or your organisation. All business investigation services are treated with discretion by our investigators, who are trained to gather critical information that will help you to prove your case.

We strive to help our clients regardless of the scope of their matter, providing a range of corporate investigation services to meet their every need. We can work with your lawyers to gather evidence through surveillance of related parties for unlawful conduct. We can also help resolve issues within your company related to discrimination, bullying or other inappropriate behaviour. For specialist advice on workplace harassment investigations, click here

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